Dot Map API

This api generates a dot map image. The position of the dot is determined by latitude and longtitude coordinates. You can place a link to the image on the website or elsewhere.

1/ download api key
2/ build a link to a png image
3/ place on your website
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World Map

Get API Key

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Examples of using api. Build a suitable link to display an image of the map with the location point.

Example 1 - worldmap normal and dot red normal size.
World map and dot on Krakow

Example 2 - worldmap medium and dot magenta medium size.
World map and dot on New York

Example 3 - worldmap big and dot big lime big size.
World map and dot on

Example 4 - pl normal and dot yellow normal size (Poland - country map).
Poland country map and dot yellow


Available map types.

World map


small - 128x65 px
normal - 256x130 px
medium - 465x236 px
big - 1024x520 px

Poland - country map

pl or poland

small - 128x125 px
normal - 256x217 px
medium - 465x433 px
big - 1024x953 px

China - country map

cn or china

small - 128x109 px
normal - 256x249 px
medium - 465x395 px
big - 1024x870 px

Image size

The Dot Map API provides three image sizes in each map. Images have a fixed width in pixels. The altitude depends on the type of map and is not defined permanently.
small - Image width 128px (pixel)
normal - Image width 256px
medium - Image width 465px
big - Image width 1024px

Point Type

Currently, only one type of point can be entered: dot

Point size

Location point sizes available.
small - point 1px (pixel)
normal - wheel 6px
medium - wheel 10px
big - wheel 18px

Point color

Field 5 specifies the color of the point. It can take the following values:

  red   navy
  black   yellow
  green   gray
  blue   purple
  white   maroon
  amaranth   orange
  magenta   lime

GPS Coordinates

Lat/Lng for example: -33.8481647,150.7918937
Lat - The latitude takes values from -90 to 90. You can use real numbers. Use a period to separate the decimal point. The maximum length of the field is 11 characters.
Lng - The longitude takes values from -180 to 180. You can use real numbers. Use a period to separate the decimal point. The maximum length of the field is 11 characters.